Now I’ve started reading about ‘blue spots’ (which are more widely known as ‘Mongolian spots’ for idk what reason. Let’s go with racism) and my hatred for white doctors steadily increases…

My cousin had a bright blue spot over his eye brow when he was little. I used to have this cool thing on my hip I thought looked like a heart (was real sad when it faded). My little brother had blue-black ears when he was born. These are nonwhite babies. This is how they look.

This is how we look.

And it makes me so angry some white asshole doctor took girljanitor’s blue spot away. That he didn’t listen when told it was special to her. That he didn’t even bother to check with some NONwhite ppl cuz of course he was white and knew everything.

It’s maddening how something present in 90% (NINETY PERCENT!) of newborn Native American and Afro-descended babies, and huge percentages of EVERYONE else in the world EXCEPT white babies, is treated as an anomaly.

It’s white babies who are weird for not having them.

I hate white western medicine so much it burns.

No one has ever tried to fuck with my blue spot because it’s on my butt & they haven’t seen it since adulthood, but white docs  STAY FREAKING OUT over my ocular melanosis (which is basically the same shit as “mongolian spots” except it’s on the whites of the eyes). They’re always recommending invasive-ass biopsies and shit, and I’m just like… no. You don’t get it. This is what happens when your skin actually carries melanin. You should get some of that.

The few Asian docs who’ve seen it are just like, “yeah, nbd. shit happens. you’ll have em forever. enjoy your day.” 

My kids are Asian and Native so it was absolutely no shocker both my kids were born with the blue splashes on their booties. I thought it was cute because they had little old man looking butts at the time and needed a little oomph, which is where the blue splashes came lol. I switched pediatricians on the first kid because the white doctor thought I actually SMACKED my newborn on the butt, hence the blue spot THAT DID NOT LOOK LIKE A BRUISE. His next pediatrician was from India and she didn’t even blink when she saw the blue splash on my first born’s butt so we’ve stayed with her since. They also were born with their father’s golden skin undertones… white doctor assumed it the first born had jaundice whereas their Asian doctor looked at the father and just shrugged at the baby’s golden undertones.

Like damn, white doctors have no idea what to do with babies of color one bit.

my kid’s had it the opposite—the doctor thought “they’re mexican” so of course she’s going to have dark skin—so he didn’t pay attention when i told him repeatedly that my oldest wasn’t acting right—finally, we brought her to the ER and turned out she had jaundice so badly that she almost needed a blood transfusion. as somebody who has done a lot of holistic healing/therapy—i think it really really just exposes how unbelievably small the diagnostic toolbox is of the medical establishment—and more specifically, how deeply ingrained white supremacist heteropatriarchy is throughout all of their “tools”…

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