anunkindnesssofravens asked: Hi. I've noticed your post to Down-On-Boyce-Avenue. And although you're not being vulgar, what you're doing is bullying, in it's own form. So, before you bash her, realize that she has the freedom of speech. My brother fights for us to have such. Additionally, she wasn't harming anyone. With the way this economy is and how cruel people are, saying something to that awful woman, would only make her lose her job, nothing else. You see things from your own perspective, just as she and I.

It’s really funny to me that I only get these messages when I’m actually being nice and giving someone a chance to re-think talking about marginalized groups of people as if we can’t hear them, and aren’t included in the possible audience.

A sentence like, “They are just like you and I” excludes autistic people in its very structure.

Please explain to me how I’m BULLYING anyone by pointing that out.

I’ll wait.

Because if you’ll notice, I didn’t say a damn thing about what she did, or how she handled the situation. I have a huge problem with the way she TOLD THE STORY and PRESENTED HERSELF, as well as the way she EXCLUDED THE VERY PEOPLE SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT FROM HER AUDIENCE.

Holding people accountable for the words that come out of their mouths isn’t bullying.