etreconnue asked: 'I made this post in response to someone claiming that quinoa is a reason that “everyone can go vegan”.' lol, did I say this? I think I used quinoa as an example of a plant-based food with complete protein. In fact, I'm sure I did. But maybe you're talking about someone else? I can find you a list of alternate 'affordable' (I use quotation marks because this can be relative) sources if you'd like. Would you like to talk about the health problems entirely avoided on a plant-based diet to be fair?

I am talking about various people who’ve said that quinoa supplies all essential amino acids, and therefore is the reason that a vegan diet is viable for all people without exception, not you.

You didn’t say that specifically but you’ve made it a point that you plan to refute all of my points in this post, but the entire point of that post is that all of those things are true at the same time, shockingly enough.

What I don’t understand is -what- you’re refuting. It’s a list of facts.

There are no significant health benefits derived solely from an entirely plant-based diet, nor are humans evolved herbivores.

Here’s some articles to back that up, borrowed from ganekhali:

[X] [X] [X] [X] [X]

And a link to some commentary on all of that that’s pretty good regarding supposed health benefits and detriments.

Once again, i don’t have a problem with vegans or a vegan diet. I have a problem with evangelical moral veganism that demands universal adherence to a vegan diet and denies reality and individual humanity.