We have until December 14 to get 25,000 signatures on it. You need to live in the USA, and you should seriously sign, signal boost, tumblr bomb, anything you can. Lives are on the line- lives of people like me.


Okay, I am judging you for the fact that this still needs 23,000 out of 25,000 signatures, Tumblr. What the fuck.

Um, do people not understand that this so so people with autism can get life-saving organ transplants, instead of given a death sentence on the grounds that our lives are inherently worthless?

Do you think this doesn’t happen to young adults?

23-Year-Old Autistic Man Denied Heart Transplant at UPenn Hospital

Do you think this doesn’t happen to children with various developmental disorders?

3-Year-Old Amelia Rivera Denied Kidney Transplant

Do you think this doesn’t happen to adults with Down’s Syndrome?

32-Year-Old Sandra Jensen Denied Heart Transplant

UNTIL THE 1990’s, “mental retardation”, meaning any sort of cognitive impairment, was considered “contraindication” for receiving a livesaving organ transplant(link opens as PDF)

"Contraindicated." That quite literally means that they considered saving a cognitively impaired person’s life HARMFUL.

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