Okay so I know this is kinda taboo but anyways.

Frida Kahlo: Not too easy on the eyes. I mean she’s got the lady-mo and the monobrow thing going on. She didn’t know where to put her blush or what shade lipstick would obviously suit her skin tone. Really, she’s a bit of a wreck. So this got me to thinking. What would have happened if her girlfriends had done the right thing and taken her to a beautician, (which clearly needed to happen)? I did a subtle re-paint over the top of her original self-portrait to “conceptualize” what it would have looked like if she had been whisked off to Beauty Works or the likes….I didn’t want to alter the integrity of the original painting too much. What do you reckon?

Did you really just skin-lighten a Frida Kahlo self portait

and remove her facial hair

and call her “a wreck”

and then say she couldn’t choose a fucking lipstick to suit her skin tone

after you changed her skin tone

how can one person be everything that is wrong with the world at once

I don’t think she changed her skin tone but still.. ! What the fuck are you doing? Who cares about making her beautiful by western beauty industry standards. You’re going against everything that makes her really beautiful. Frida had a bunch of fucked up shit happen to her, unibrow and all. And she wore her facial hair with pride. It’s part of who she was and what made her a strong, proud, awesome woman and symbol of feminism. The fact that you consider her friends not taking her to a salon to ‘fix’ her ‘flaws’, wrong. Only serves to show how shallow you really are. You don’t have to buy in to the shit they sell you to be beautiful. And fuck you, photoshop pictures of yourself next time.

I beg to differ.

Removing the lowlights and expanding the midtones and highlights to cover previously dark areas in order to “even out” the skintone counts as “lightening”.

Here’s a half-and-half comparison to better see what was done here:

This is basically what most hydroquinone skin-bleaching creams are touted to do.

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