de--caffeinated asked: Hi, I saw your post on Mongolian blue spots and as you seem very knowledgeable about them, I wondered if you have any more info on them. It seems very odd, as I am white (English/German) and I have permanent ones now, on my lower body. I'm just curious, especially as I see they mean so much to you as part of your culture and family. Thanks! (Feel free to answer this privately or not at all)

The funny thing about Mongolian/ Blue spots, aka congenital blue nevus, aka congenital dermal melanocytosis, is not that so many people have them so much as how so many white Americans have no fricken idea what they are.

Like…for example, in the anime and manga Joshiraku, the character Marii Buratei has an especially noticeable permanent one, and it’s usually included in any artworks with nudity as well as official figures and whatnot.

And then you generally see a bunch of American anime fans be all like, “WTF why does she have that big bruise???”

Honestly, it’s just a normal birthmark. It just sucks because of the color and the location, that ignorant White fuckos often mistake this for signs of child abuse or bullshit like that. HAVING a blue spot is considerable more common than NOT having one…Sometimes white people have them, too, but not often.

That’s why it’s such a dead giveaway that the American medical establishment is ridiculously dominated by whiteness. As if white is somehow “normal”, when obviously it’s not.