"stay away from my elves!"




that roundup of white fannish fuckery surrounding characters of color in epic fantasy is why I will not ever let that shit with Gaider go


this is a pattern, a long pattern

“stay away from my elves!”

i have been hearing that my whole fucking life as a fantasy fan, that I don’t belong in those magical worlds I love so much unless i’m a savage or a monster to be killed

and to essentially hear that from someone I respected and admired and whose work I loved so much for so many years

you want to know what a stab in the fucking heart that was

to get reminded yet again that white people would literally imagine me out of existence if they could do so

but I’m the one being unreasonable and hostile

Same. It’s like getting slapped in the face every day for your entire life. I’ve been a fantasy fan since I read Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede when I was about 5 or 6. No people of color in that, either.

I started with Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles when I was around the same age. White as hell.

first time I ever saw anybody remotely brown on a fantasy book cover was Deep Wizardry by Diane Duane. to this day I have all the love in the world for the Young Wizards series because growing up that was literally the only fantasy I ever read that had brown people in it that were heroes and not Othered as mysterious people from ~the East~

I wish someone had pointed me to Urusla LeGuin when I was younger because I didn’t get clued into her work until I was an adult and I think it would have saved me so much heartache to have that as a child.

I was a *huge* Earthsea fan when I was like 12, 13 years old. Unfortunately, I got really, really confused by the whitewashed covers. I kept looking and looking for used or old editions, and it was just the same thing over and over. I honestly believed I was insane, and that “reddish-brown” skin really meant this:

There is literally one cover in existence in one single collectible Book Club Edition of the Trilogy from 2005 with art by Leo Dillon, in which 1. Ged is depicted on the cover and 2. He has reddish-brown skin.