Even though my post about someone faking autism got a lot of bad reactions and asks, it’s still not as bad as the reaction I got that one time I said I shipped Haylor.





Because the only thing to do when someone calls you out for saying that people are “faking autism to get away with things”, and talking shit on autistic people including your autistic brother, is to FAKE AUTISM TO GET AWAY WITH THINGS??????





Seriously, this person wins the Worst Allistic Sibling Award.


is it really too much to ask that allistic siblings of autistic people just think for two seconds before they start farting out of their mouthhole??

especially when it’s shit that causes me harm? real, ACTUAL HARM?

It’s obvious this asshat thinks that autism IS “just an excuse for doing bad shit and getting away with it”, since that’s exactly what THEY DID

and i feel really sorry for their brother tbh

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