I usually don’t do shit like this, but the blog autism-and-aspergers-advice is problematic to say the least.

This person is investing themselves with the authority to do and say some fucking SCARY shit, which someone else actually brought to my attention[includes screenshot]:

Telling an Autistic person to ask their doctor for ADD medication like “adderall and Ritalin” which will “fix all of their problems”

Telling an Autistic person to “learn to put up with” repeated sexual boundary violations from their significant other, because they [autism-and-asperger-advice] “forced themselves to like it” and it would “mean a lot to her if you tried”

saying “you can’t make a hoe a housewife, great rule of thumb” as DATING ADVICE,Saying there are “5 different types of Autism of the Spectrum”, which is weird and misleading at best

Telling an Autistic person to say to the person they like, “ask him what it will take to make him believe it”

they claim to “be the voice for people who can’t speak for themselves”

they called me a stupid bitch when I called them out on claiming to speak for other autistics, as well as failing at considering some autistics aren’t white guys

It’s one thing to have a blog and say whatever the fuck you want. It’s ANOTHER thing entirely to claim to speak for other autistic people, and run a blog SPECIFICALLY giving advice to/for Autistic people that is EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC.

Telling Autistic people to ask their doctors for dangerous medication that there is NO EVIDENCE THEY NEED and may even be contraindicated is dangerous, telling people they need to “learn to put up with/like” sexual advances they DO NOT WANT IS DANGEROUS, and spreading misogyny like “you can’t make a hoe a housewife” Is DANGEROUS.

I’m not saying what anyone else should or should be doing; I DO have a huge problem with someone claiming authority.

They can run their personal blog and their advice blog however they see fit, but I feel a responsibility to let people know that although this person is autistic, their advice does not reflect the opinions OR experiences of many, many autistic people, he does not speak FOR autistic people, and that his advice is not the greatest and is sometimes dangerous and/or harmful.