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Today the Brazilian Congress voted for a homophobic and racist minister to be the president of the Human Rights & Minorities Commission

“I don’t place gays and blacks in the same category as some people like to say. To be gay is a choice; to be black is a just a misfortune.” - Marco Feliciano, President of the Human Rights & Minorities Commission.

I have no idea how such a terrible human being can be elected to run the Human Rights & Minorities Commission when he’s obviously against them but unfortunately our congress isn’t the greatest. Still, we have our power as citizens to protest and this is what we’re doing. Sign the petition and help us take this man out of power.

Also, he said: “We shouldn’t wish bad things to the homosexuals. They already punish their body, receiving violence that just woman’s body is ready to receive.” 

One of that moments I’m really ashamed of being Brazilian =(

You should sign. I did, it’s quite easy. I have an email that I use mainly for signing petitions. This dude sounds like America’s worst politicians….