Freezing Individual portions to save money

If you have the money to GET a whole pork loin (15-20 bucks), you can slice it into chops and have Shake N Bake all week. This makes the people I know who had middle class parents and who are now living in adult poverty look at me like I’m Batman. you can freeze the chops in batches, too.

Important note: air is what causes freezerburn. If you’re freezing raw meat in bags, make sure that the air is out of the bag. I use a little bit of tap water to make up the difference.

Also, “picnic roast” pork shoulders are one of the cheapest cuts of meat, and you can make enough pulled pork to last for aaaages. If you get tired of it quick, you can put small portions into sandwich bags, displace the air with a bit of extra BBQ sauce, and freeze it. Then you can just take it to your minimum-wage job along with a bun, let it thaw and then heat it up at lunchtime.

You can do the same thing with beef stew. Or chicken liver stroganoff. Or chicken stew. Or crock pot chili.

Freezing meals into little individual portions like that REALLY helps you with finances, because you can buy and cook in bulk without having to eat the same thing for every fricken meal for like 10 days.