Pretty sure this is near staple-food-speculation level capitalistic evil.

let’s go ahead and hold this up with Ms. Prisoners-Don’t-Have-Human-Rights-So-Enslaving-Them-Is-OK's statements for a second, shall we?

What do I care?  I see is as a part of a punishment for a crime. If you think punishment means they should just sit in cells and think about what they did, that’s up to you, but I don’t see anything wrong with people doing labor as a way to repay society.

If you have committed a crime and you’re in prison for it, then I think that you FORFEITED some of your rights while you are being punished. That’s why you’re not able to walk around at home or carry guns. Otherwise, why punish at all? Okay, so if you think that people in prison deserve to have food/shelter/training/AND get paid the same as people outside prison for their work, then what of the rights of those out? To me it sounds like you want BETTER rights for prisoners, not “the same.”  Where is our free food and shelter? Where is our free training? We pay taxes too!

I guess some people feel entitled to food

and some people feel entitled to benefit from slave labor.

okay then.

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