turbulentbeauty asked: Okay I guess it wasn't clear I meant "FREE" Shelter/ food / training PLUS the same wages as workers who are out of prison. Leading to my conclusion that it would be unfair to those outside prison to make the same, but also have to afford their own costs for the aforementioned. But clearly you knew I did not mean that we should not feed people in prison. You're just trolling. Glad the discussion is productive.

Here is a judge who was just sentenced to 28 years in prison for literally selling children to prisons for the purpose of forcing them into slave labor.

The shit you say exists in CONTEXT. Every “exception” is a hole in your worldview. Human rights work this way: either EVERYONE has them, or NO ONE really does. If they can be taken away, they are not HUMAN RIGHTS.

Either I’m trolling, or I actually might give a shit about the dehumanization inherent in the Prison Industrial Complex. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

And right now, you’re justifying your belief that you have the right to benefit from slave labor because “you pay taxes”.

I’m pretty sure that’s bad.