So It Comes To This: My Computer is Dying

Facts: This post is a request for donations.

My computer is over 6 years old and has been suffering from severe overheating problems for the last two. It’s a 2007 iMac all in one, and a growing patch of iridescence has been creeping over the monitor top left for the last year. It is literally melting from the inside out.

I’ve done as much as I can to keep it limping for the last year or so maintenance-wise, but it is now officially in the end zone. There are several programs it can no longer open, it freezes when more than 3 programs are running, shuts itself off, and cannot handle large amount of multimedia.

Most days, it can no longer load the front page of medievalpoc.

I realized today while attempting this post for the fourth time that unless I get a new computer, the quality of my blogs will be even more compromised than it already is.

I have wanted to include various video lectures and showcases from my personal collection, which I have backed up on the external along with most of my research materials, but video editing and even large PDF and image files are out of the question with my current setup.

When (not if) this computer goes, my backup will be a borrowed laptop and my external, which as you can imagine will only be practical for essential business and schoolwork. The money I had had saved to have a new computer by this fall (and the beginning of the semester) evaporated due to a serious back injury I suffered earlier this summer.

TL;DR: when my computer dies, so does 80% of my blogging.

I’m working as much as possible to try and set some aside, but there’s no way a new computer will happen before the end of the year without help. My goal is at least $1200, part of which I will be able to supply myself once my medical bills are paid.

These are the bald facts. Here is a link to donate if you can. Even a dollar is more than welcome, and any boosting is appreciated. These blogs are my passion, and I do it all out of that passion.